Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation

and Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Weekend Retreat

with Senior Universal Tao Instructors:

Marie Favorito and Sharon Smith

April 21-24, 2017


There is an option to come for

2 nights or 3 nights of study.


* See Below.*


Enjoy a beautiful weekend retreat in the Berkshire Mountains! Join Senior Universal Tao Instructors Marie Favorito and Sharon Smith for a weekend of renewal and rejuvenation. Learn and practice the Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation and Iron Shirt Chi Kung.



Together your Instructors, Marie Favorito and Sharon Smith have over 60 years of experience in the Taoist arts! We guarantee that you will come away with a solid base for your practice of the Tao. 


This Weekend Retreat at Angels Rest on April 21st-23rd or 24th will surely bring the mystery and healing power of chi alive for you while you build a more intimate relationship with your energy and return to your daily life renewed!


Iron Shirt Chi Kung 

Once a protective training martial art, Iron Shirt practice strengthens the internal organs as well as the physical and energetic structure of the body. Regular practice creates a solid connection to the earth.  Training in the six Iron Shirt Chi Kung standing meditation postures are ideal for strengthening the immune system, building a strong physical structure and developing strong mind-power for healing.  This ancient method of cultivating protective internal power (what is called "guardian" chi in Chinese medicine) is the "ground floor" for experiencing and understanding Tai Chi and Chi Kung rooting, grounding and breathing techniques.  Iron Shirt sends Chi into your connective tissue, joints, tendons and bones enabling you to withstand blows and ward off illness. 


Fusion of the Five Elements Inner Alchemy Meditation

In the Universal Healing Tao system, the next step after the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation and 6 Healing Sounds is Fusion of the 5 Elements Meditation. By tapping into the 5 Elements of Taoist philosophy in our physical bodies - Wood, Metal, Fire, Water and Earth- and understanding their cycles and relationships, we get closer to our true nature and begin the process of Inner Alchemy.  

This is the highly refined process of transforming Chi (energy) into Shen (spirit).


Learn to harmonize your emotions, transform the negative and affirm the positive virtues to nourish your spirit.  This is the heart of spiritual work.  Transforming negative emotional energy in the vital organs of the body into positive qualities changes the PH balance between the acidic and alkaline states producing a more favorable body chemistry and hormonal balance.   It also provides the energetic quality necessary to open the deeper energy channels in the body.


Maintaining a harmonious internal environment has many additional practical benefits - a feeling of enhanced well-being, improved and refined energy levels, and a more peaceful disposition. 


April 21-23 or 24, 2017



Angels Rest 

63 N County Rd

Bernardston, MA 01337  


Your stay includes: accommodations, all meals, and tuition. 



2 Nights:  $595   

3 nights:  $725   




(A 3% fee will be added to the total when you pay online. If you choose this option, you will receive a free meditation CD or a book of equivalent value).


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