Take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to study with Senior Tao Instructors: 

Marie Favorito and Sharon Smith who together have over 60 years of experience in the Taoist arts! 

Marie Favorito

Senior Tao Instructor


Marie has nearly 30 years of teaching experience in the Tao: Tai Chi, (Long and Short Forms, Sword Form), numerous Chi Kung Forms and many levels of Meditation and years of experience teaching seniors at Senior Centers and participates in Tai Chi studies with Harvard University. Marie is First Aid CPR AED Certified.

Sharon Smith

Senior Tao Instructor


Sharon has been practicing Qigong, Tai Chi, & other Taoist spiritual and healing arts for 37 years & teaching them for 32. Her influential teachers include Masters Mantak Chia (she was in his original class of western students in 1981), Li Junfeng, Ming Chan, and T.K. Shih. In addition to being a Senior Tao Instructor, she is also certified by the International Sheng Zhen Society to teach Sheng Zhen Gong, the work of Master Li Junfeng. In 2011, she attended the Wudang Martial Arts Internal Kung Fu Academy in China. See more here.

Jamee Culbertson

Senior Tao Instructor 


Jamee will be assisting Marie and Sharon to help facilitate each student’s learning process utilizing her skills in the Tao and as an Alexander Technique Instructor. Jamee also co-produced the film “How it All Began, Origins of Master Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao System” which tells the story of the early days when this work was new to the western world.

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