Enjoy reading what participants have to say about their experience attending one or many of our retreats!

“I absolutely LOVED the TAO Healing Retreat at Angels Rest !!!!  Sharon and Marie were FANTASTIC teachers bringing the material to life, and explaining everything so simply that a novice like myself could understand everything. It was obvious that they are both skilled MASTERS of what they are teaching.  Although the subject is serious, they taught with a lightness and humor that engaged everyone. Their Chi allowed for the wonderful group they attracted to connect.  They created an open and safe environment.   The group ranged from novices like myself that had never practiced a ChiGong move or heard the vocabulary to a number of people that were testing to become instructors, and it seemed to be just fine for all. I left the workshop with knowledge and a desire to continue the practice. About Angels Rest…….BEAUTIFUL !    The food…..ORGANIC, LOCAL & DELICIOUS !     Attitude……GRACIOUS !    I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone and I look forward to attending their next.” ~ Audrey Foster

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"You cannot go wrong treating yourself to this special weekend! The combination of superb teachers, Sharon and Marie,  who explain clearly, thoughtfully and peacefully make the teachings of taoist meditation, chi kung, iron shirt, tai chi and 6 healing sounds extraordinarily accessible to anyone... to the beautiful surroundings and nurturing delicious food (including yogurt and milk from the cows down the road)......This experience will feed your body, mind and soul and serve you well for the rest of your life! You will have a magnificent and memorable time!  I sure did! “

Rachelle Smith-Stallman, Albany, NY

"An unforgettable life-enhancing weekend of healing! I am full of chi and gratitude. Sharon and Marie share their vast knowledge of the Healing Tao with dignity, light, and a bright thread of humor. I am weaving many of the sequences I learned into my daily healing chi gong practice as I have been diagnosed with an "incurable" neurological movement disorder which I am curing.  After practicing the chi gong and tai chi exercises and mediations taught so elegantly by Sharon and Marie, my posture is more erect and my movements are more fluid. I completed the Retreat with the Inner Smile emanating outwards.  I am humbled by the enlightened teaching of these unique teachers and the immense beauty of this entire experience.”  ~ Suzanne Levi

“I’m still processing how deep this work is coming out the retreat! WOW! Thank you for the wise, joyful and thorough introduction to the way, The Tao! I really appreciated how much information was given and that it was presented in such a process-able way.I grasp the basic principles and am awed by how deep the dive will be to gain a sense of mastery and comprehension. Thanks so much Sharon, Marie and support teachers! Angel's Rest is such a lovely nurturing environment. I am grateful to have welcomed fall there! Jennifer and her team were great to be around and so caring and professional. I can't wait to visit again. Alrighty, let's see what dreams this full moon eclipse night has in store for me!” ~ Best, Chicava

“My time spent studying, meditating, and resting during the Angel's Rest Retreat was immensely valuable. To share this practice with others while deepening my personal relationship to qi gong was an inspiration. Sharon and Marie both have intense, special relationships to this work, as well as each other, and this fuels the depth and resonating tone of the entire weekend. Located on a beautiful land, Angel's Rest is an intensive retreat worth committing to for any curious and devoted qi gong student.” ~ Laurel

“It would have been easy to give this healing weekend top marks for everything I experienced then – location, food, pacing, the graceful and engaging competence and mastery of the instructors, and amazing bounty of knowledge shared by an extraordinary gathering of healers.  I could have written all that the day after, but I suspected this weekend would be better evaluated from a point further along, and that has certainly turned out to be the case.


I have been using the healing sounds meditation daily, and have noticed a significant spike in qi awareness/accumulation that seems unmistakably attributable to the exercises. Iron Shirt/Skirt ;), likewise, along with the tips shared from the Alexander Technique and Taiji Shen Gong.


I heard, “If you do, you get,” and I’ve found that it is true, revealing the inner structure to a practice I’d been engaged in perhaps all too superficially for the last forty years. These are extraordinary tools, and the story told of their release to us by Master Chia in “How It All Began” is in itself remarkably stirring and inspirational. This DVD was one of my purchases along with manuals on Iron Shirt and Healing Sounds, and I can truly say these supplemental teaching devices are enormously helpful. I have no doubt I will be back for more.”

 ~ Brice

"It was a real honor to spend such a powerful weekend with everyone.  The Inner Smile is a simple meditation but the hard part is actually practicing it regularly.  A weekend dedicated to these meditations and postures is a great way to get motivated. I stayed up late Sunday night because my Chi was flowing (especially after the drum circle) and I didn't want it to end.  I also wanted to mediate some more and take in all of the energy of the moon and stars.  I often stay up late out under the stars, it is a favorite pastime of mine.  I can say that the sky that night was one of the most amazing I've ever been so fortunate to experience.  It was the first time this season I saw 'Orion' and the moon was positioned perfectly in the spot of his head, really crazy.  The moon was so bright it lit up everything as clear as day.  Then the star Sirius came up and if you are familiar with this star, it flashes different colors and they were so bright that night.  As I asked the Supreme creator for wisdom and guidance, I saw not one, but 2 shooting stars.  Incredible!!  I'll admit the howling coyotes disturbed my concentration a bit but then again, how cool are 'howling coyotes'! Northwest Massachusetts is a really special place, I'll try not to use the term "masshole" ever again, I just hope the Pats fans don't 'make' me do it.”  ~ Josh

“My experiences at Angel's Rest were magical. The blend of old friends and new friends sharing in Taoist practice was rejuvenating to me. After all these years of practice I'm still amazed at the energy and peace that comes from the work/play. Thanks to all of you for being a part of it.  Marie & Sharon, you are wonderful teachers weaving & balancing your strengths and energy. I am blessed to have our friendship and shared practice.” ~ MB

“The Qi Gong Healing Retreat at Angel's Rest was truly a healing experience in every respect. Marie and Sharon are patient and talented teachers. They seem to know just how much each student needs to feel supported and to be 'pushed'. And there was a perfect balance between experiencing qi through both movement and meditation. I can feel easily intimidated in large groups of people that I don't know but both Marie and Sharon, while very focused, have  such a cheerful way about themselves that it is easy to feel relaxed. As if that wasn't enough,  with her warm and witty nature it's as if Jennifer Paris, the owner of  the 'Rest', is welcoming you into her home - with comfortable accommodations, grand views and exquisite and healthy meals. So even a grouchy old granny grousing in her rocking chair would soon feel the qi flowing - or at least enjoy the food and scenery.” ~ Deb

"Many, many thanks to Sharon Smith and Marie Favorito for their concise, bright and truly brilliant teaching. Their warmth and caring demeanor complements the generous explanations. Our only learning requirement was to bring an open heart - which they helped us expand and cultivate within these awakenings.  What a special accommodation is Angel’s Rest, especially last weekend amid New England’s golden autumn. Its rolling hills offered us a spectacular fall color palette. The dairy cows just up the country lane need to know how appreciated they are for our delicious homemade yogurt.  I am grateful for this weekend’s workshop for the teachings, illuminating discussions, practice and meditations, knowledge about Ch’I Kung and Tai Ch’I and for  some new friends and kindred spirits, and cousins. Thank Y’ALL!”  ~  Kitti

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